Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter

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Monday to Saturday
12:30 - 4:30 p.m.


Phone: 203-946-8110

Mailing Address

Friends of The New Haven Animal shelter
P.O. Box 9056 Brewery St. Station
New Haven, CT 06532

Who We Are:

We are the Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, a group of volunteers dedicated to helping find responsible, loving homes for the animals in our care. We hope to make the New Haven Animal Shelter the first place residents think of when they decide to adopt an animal. Most of the pets listed on our web site are at the New Haven Animal Shelter; a few are being fostered by volunteers or by friends until they find permanent homes.


The New Haven Animal Shelter is the second largest municipal animal shelter in the State of Connecticut, with over 65 dog runs, attracting over 3,200 visitors annually. The Animal Shelter takes in about 1,400 dogs and cats each year. Through its partnership with the Humane Commission, Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, and the North Shore Animal League, the Animal Shelter has sponsored several adoption events throughout the year, leading to an adoption rate of 75 percent, or roughly 1,500 dogs and cats.


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